“For over a decade New West has supported Alden Research Laboratory in numerous studies evaluating fish passage and protection technologies at cooling water intakes and hydroelectric dam facilities. New West’s exceptional equipment, friendly staff, and reliable service have maintained a relationship with Alden that will exist well into the future.”

Dan Giza, Environmental Associate
Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.

“ … using this product in the field convinced us of its great potential value for juvenile fish ecology research.”

Scott Hinch, Assistant Professor
Guillermo Giannico, Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Institute for Resources and Environment

The University of British Columbia

“In trials using Oncorynchus tshawytsha (O.tshawytscha)
and O.mykiss, tag application proved both efficient and
economical … good tag retention and readability …limited
host reaction … promising method of identification.”

Paul A. Siri, Leslie T. Hain and
Kristen D. Arkush
Bodega Marine Laboratory
University of California at Davis

“The best system … service, outstanding.”

Tom Kahler
School of Fisheries
University of Washington